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  The PDF Wizard is a BuildersCAD plug-in application which creates PDF (Portable Document File) files for use with Adobe Reader, directly from BuildersCAD. The features and layout are similar to the BuildersCAD plot menu, making the PDF Wizard easy to learn and simple to use.

Easy to Install and Use:
Does not require you to install any third party software or any printer drivers.

Much Faster than GhostScript or Adobe Distiller:
Create plot files directly. You do not have to print to a special device or run batch files.

Create Multi-page documents from your BuildersCAD drawings:
Operates in batch mode, placing each document on a separate page in a single PDF file, or automatically creating multiple PDF files, one per page.

Create indexed documents:
Creates bookmarks for pages in multi-page mode.

Small file size:
Automatically compresses the data inside of the PDF file.

Use for Print and Print Preview:
Automatically load your saved drawing into Adobe Reader or eZ to preview pages before printing them.

Easy file storage and archiving:
Place files on your Web Site or e-mail to clients. All data for display is stored in a single, compressed file.