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BuildersCAD 9.1 is the fastest, easiest BuildersCAD release ever. It is packed with new features that help you create, design and produce more quickly. BuildersCAD helps you get the job done.

Long File Names
Longer file names are allowed in BuildersCAD 9.1, which allows more flexibility in naming, particularly for repeated items.

Dynamic View
Six new Dynamic Viewing commands have been added to increase functionality in creating and viewing 3D models. These include Orbit, Z Axis Spin, Walk, Swivel, Pan, and Zoom.

BuildersCAD 9.1 supports rendering using the OpenGL rendering engine. This allows you to construct and view your 3D model fully rendered in real time. The OpenGL display functions include Opaque, Edge Highlight, Wire Frame, and Hidden Line.

Textures may now be assigned to 3D surfaces in your BuildersCAD model for rendering. These textures are compatible with SketchUp so textures assigned in SketchUp and imported will render in BuildersCAD.

Windows Menu Bar
BuildersCAD 9.1 now has a standard Windows Menu Bar across the top of the BuildersCAD window. This bar allows quick access for selection of many of the functions of BuildersCAD from a standard MS Windows interface.

Multi-Layer Repeated Items
BuildersCAD 9.1 now supports Multi-Layer Repeated Items, which allow a single Repeated Item to display geometry which can be turned on and off with one or more layers.

The BuildersCAD 9.1 window and menu system may be adjusted for wide screen monitors, and the menu system may be adjusted for size to allow more drawing space on wide screen and high resolution monitors.

BuildersCAD 9.1 will now plot directly to a raster file. Plotting to .pdf has been enhanced to allow plotting single layers or groups of layers to a different page within the .pdf. Plotting to .pdf in general has been enhanced.

Authorization codes for BuildersCAD 9.1 are now entered in the new Internal Authorization Manager to make the authorization process much simpler.

Environment Defaults and Preferences
The BuildersCAD 9.1 Preferences menu has been enhanced to regroup similar settings and add new ones. There is a new Environment Defaults Manager menu to make setting up basic environment defaults much easier.

The new BuildersCAD Paint feature is designed to provide tools to highlight, colorize, or mark up your BuildersCAD drawing.

Bug Fixes
Several bugs in BuildersCAD and the Framer have been addressed.

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